Saturday, March 1, 2014

Applause Goes to Him

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to express my feelings towards The Word. Yes, people of God…that’s right The Word of God.

What do you feel when you hear the term Word of God? How does it make you feel? What adjectives could you come up with to describe the feeling that comes over you when you hear those words? I can tell you how I feel….NERVOUS. Here is why:

My adolescent days as a Christian were not days of agape (unconditional) love. Those days seemed more like I was struggling to do ANYTHING that would secure a place for me in Heaven. Church felt like a competition, not a place to grow and be healed. We were all competing to be the best. What outfit you wore, how eloquently you prayed and what you did on the weekend spoke volumes about who you were as a Christian.

Those days remind me of a scripture that addresses how Jesus reacted to his disciples when they were arguing among themselves. The disciples in this occasion were arguing, saying, “Who do you think will be the greatest in heaven”? As if someone can come into Heaven and attain first place among the rest. Jesus heard the disciples arguing and expressed that it was silly to argue about such things. He told them that the least will be the greatest and the greatest will be the least. What did that mean?

He simply meant that the one who is humble in his way of life will be exalted and the one who is always exalted (a state where one is grand) will be the least in heaven.  There are many people who believe according to the type of Christian you are in Heaven is determined by the way you lived your life here on earth.  In other words, many believe that if you go to church every Sunday then, when you get to heaven you will have riches while someone who went once a month will be in Heaven without riches.

For the record, I do not agree with this theory nor do I think it’s biblical. This is just my opinion though. What I do know for sure is that no matter what, I want to be in heaven! Riches or not! It beats hell! However, I do not think that Jesus had this in mind when speaking to his disciples. I think Jesus was trying to say, “Who cares how great you will be in heaven, the one who is going to Heaven is the one who lives an unpretentious lifestyle.” As I read my devotional today on I was reminded of this truth.

I also was reminded that the Bible is about God and not me. I remembered that these standards God has encouraged us to stick to are for our betterment, and that his story of redemption (which the Bible is all about) is all about Him! Therefore, I need not to worry about perfection. I just need to be my best self and trust Him. People, don’t worry about whether or not you are impressing God, focus on living a life of meekness and when you mess up remember, it’s not so much about us. It’s about Him. He died for us so we don’t have to be perfect. Grandeur applause goes to Him and not us.

Today’s blog was inspired by my online devotional at; for more info copy the link to a new window.