Monday, June 30, 2014

A Benediction

(Borrowed Picture)

I spent some time today, with my journal in one hand and my pen in the other. 
It was a rainy day. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat by the window in my room.  It had been a while since I have dug deep into my heart and dealt with things that concern me. Every now and then I try to take a look at myself and ask questions that will give me insight and evoke coping skills that will lead to resiliency in my life.

When I have “alone time” I usually write down my findings. For example, I ask myself a question, provide an answer, and in that moment I realize “Ah ha!” In my “Ah ha” moment I write down a simple reflection that services me in the process of growth and restoration.

While I doing this today, I came across something I had written some time ago. I bought this ecofriendly journal for my “alone time” some time ago. I wrote a dedication to myself on the first page.

The dedication reads as follows:

For your journey; May you have strength  and courage to take steps of faith, to leap into the unknown places, to follow your dreams no matter what, and to depend on God who is bigger than you to handle what you cannot handle when things are beyond your control.

This was a sobering passage to read. It is true, when all seems to be overwhelming and dreadful, the truth is that He is in control. What freedom to read such words. So today, when all is simply a mess, remember those words.

May you have strength and courage to take steps of faith, to leap into the unknown places, to follow your dreams no matter what, and to depend on God who is bigger than you to handle what you cannot handle when things are beyond your control.

I pray that they are as comforting to you as they were to me today.

God bless,

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When The Tough Gets Going...Put On Your Best

Hello precious readers!

As you all know the purpose of this blog is to record the moments that I believe to be inspiring. These moments are ones that I want to remember and share with you all because they mark pivotal points in my life.  

I am on the journey of finding self. Although I know my values and aspirations, I recognize that I am always evolving. As I grow into the woman that God has intended me to be I learn new things every day. One thing I always knew yet forgot was, the principle that states “no matter what day you’re having or how rough you’re year has been, put on your best.”

 I just learned however, that “putting on the best” is not only about appearances; it is about setting the tone for your life.

It is a fact that when one smiles, he or she slowly but surely begins to become happy.

I used to put on my best in order to hide my imperfections. I wanted others to think that I had it all together. But, now I put on my best so that I can remind myself of who I am: Beautiful, smart, alluring, and confident. When I am reminded of these things I am then able to focus and succeed in all I do.

I want you all to remember that no matter what, you have the opportunity to shine, and you have the opportunity to put on your best!

Here is a peek of my best:

The coral and white necklaces are the new edition to my wardrobe! 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beautiful Things

Today I read some of my old blog posts. 

While I was reading my old entries, I began to reflect on how far I have come as a blogger. I recognize that I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn about writing and blogging. Yet, I am pleased that I have pursued this dream and have made a little progress! 

Recently I purchased a canon so that I can take pretty pictures and post them on my site. I was told by many that blogging and photos go hand in hand. Here is a little of what I have captured with my new camera. Enjoy! 

The view at Monty's Restaurant. Photo taken in Coconut Grove.

This was taken in my sisters backyard. 

This is a picture of my father, who I adore and who I am so proud of. 

And these are my lovely parents. The amazing couple who I love and look up to. This was their departure from Miami to Europe. 

These are some beautiful moments and some beautiful shots. Thank you for taking to the time to appreciate these moments .


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Why Reinvent the Wheel

Why reinvent the wheel?

As I sat down to write this post I prayed “God give me the words”. See, I write for a few different reasons, but, most of all I write to empower you all. However, sometimes I feel that I am not successful in this area. See, I compare a lot. I compare myself to other writers and I compare my blog to other blogs.

If you know about blogging, you know that in order to be a successful blogger you need to be a unique blogger. The blogger must have its own brand so to speak.  So, because I want to be a successful blogger, I spend a lot of time trying to be unique! Yet, I spend so much time on this, that I forget to be myself, which makes me unique in the first place.

Now, this doesn’t just go for my blog. I do this with everything! For example, when I decided to lose weight how did I go about it? I did what EVERYONE ELSE was doing. I spent hours at the gym, I spent hours obsessing over what I ate, and I spent money buying items that tie around my waist in order to give the impression that I was skinner already!
What is the problem with following the crowd? The problem is that while some in the crowd may have great tips, if you follow the crowd so strictly, then you lose focus of who you are, you lose focus of what gifts you have to offer, and essentially you lose perspective of what works for you.

The other day as I was obsessing again over my weight, I told myself “why am I trying to reinvent the wheel?” See, I have always loved to dance. In fact most of the years I was skinny and in shape, were the years I danced. I told myself “why reinvent the wheel to get in shape? Why do something I have never done in order to achieve results? I have achieved the same results in the past doing what I have always done. So why do something different now?” See, I love to dance and I know it’s something that works for me. In the end it may not be what everyone else is doing. But it works for me and it is something I love. In the end of it all, in order to be any kind of successful, I need to stop looking at others and focus more on my own abilities.

That is when God is truly glorified anyway, when you are all that God has made you to be…”yourself”.

On that note ladies, from this day forward I will be completely myself. Here is what I plan on doing …

1.    Join a dance studio to shed the pounds.
2.    Eat Carbs (yes I said it) since I will be doing lots of cardio, I will need all the energy I can get and I know I can count on my carbs for that!

Yep…I’m going to be the old me. Exceptional living here I come!

Be yourself 

Day 30

Hi guys! Haven't heard from you in a while. So the 30 days are up!! Yay! How does it feel? I am feeling great! I think the 30 day challenge has just been the beginning for me. You guys don't know this but about a year ago I was in a really bad place mentally spiritually well, in every aspect. I felt hopeless. There were dreams I left behind. I used to be a dancer, I did all types of dance but I was especially talented at hip hop. I did photography also. When I left to New York to attend college for the first time I left those things behind. A year ago I was advised to pick them back up to get better, but I wasn't ready. I realize now that I am  this challenge has helped me to realize that. If I didn't have readers depending on me than I don't think I would have realized this at this time. Thank you all for reading and keeping me going. I meditated for my seven minutes because I knew I had to. When I didn't want to, I thought of you all and I knew you were counting on me to do my part and come through. You all have a special place in my heart. Thank you for this journey and I wish you all the best in your own journey. This is not goodbye though. I will be posting more on my site. Keep reading! I will be deleting this page since it was created for the challenge only. Gifts are coming soon! I've Ben working on your mugs  I only got one response for the next challenge so I decided that wasn't enough ppl so I will be going another route. Talicia-Lane Chang keep going though! We can keep one another accountable. Love you all and know that I am here for you all! Xoxo

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wrapping it Up. (Day 28)

Hello everyone,

Today is day 28. We have two more days left of our 30 day challenge. Hopefully, you all have received some insight and have adopted a new perception of life.

I want to take the time to share with you all, that I too, have accomplished something.
Before I started this 30 day challenge I knew the desires I held for my life. However, I did not have a concrete plan for my life. Because I did not have a plan, I doubted that I would accomplish all that I wanted to accomplish. My dreams felt distant and unattainable.  However, now I have a plan for my future. Because I now have a plan I am confident that my dreams will come true.

I realized through this journey with you all that it is time that I begin to trust myself. I have noticed through moments of meditation that I truly have what it takes. I am fully equipped to accomplish the work that I believe God has set aside for me to do.  (And all this because I stayed faithful to 7 minutes of meditation a day)

I thank you all for taking this journey with me and I pray that you all will find exactly the thing that makes your heart jump with joy. I am wishing the best for you all. Remember to never give up!
Go on now with grace and elegance!

PS: Please feel free to leave a comment regarding the things you learned throughout the journey. Below I have some pictures posted regarding my 30 day journey. Enjoy.

During this time I had some fashion fun. (Picture with my sweet sister)

I spent some time in meditation

 And above all else, I had fun! 
(how i miss my dark hair!)