Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Week Four

This week is week four of our Four Weeks to Fitness Challenge. How are you all doing? Are you hanging in there or have you strayed away? I know at the beginning we were all pumped. Some of us posted pictures of our daily meals on social media, were following the meal plans religiously, and some of us were exercising regularly! 

Where are we now? Well, I know I can only speak for myself here. I have to be honest with you all I have fallen short. With all the holiday festivities and luncheons I just gave up all the willpower to stay focused on my goal. I kept telling myself “next time there is a cheat day I will only have one slice of pie or only one cup of artificially flavored juice"; next thing I knew I was having three slices of pie, juice, and a soda!  
I think Anna Anderson would have fallen out of her chair if she knew the mess I had gotten myself into. Ladies, this ilike us though. It's like us to get all pumped up about something and then stray away. Even the best of us fall down.  I mean it doesn't take much for our flesh to kick in and say “the hell with it all!” It’s in our nature to ease back into our cloak of humanness and do away with the striving and the persevering. Am I right?  Hey we're human. It doesn't mean that we have failed nor does it mean that we are unfaithful or uncommitted people. It doesn't even make us unworthy it just makes us human.  

Today I was watching a video of my Pastor. He gave a sermon on the topic of sin. Whether you believe in God and sin or whether you don't I think one way or another, you will be able to relate to this post. 
Most of us cringe at message related to sin or related to our shortcomings.  We wail because topics like these remind us of the fact  that we need help. We need help just to get our selves together. We can’t walk this journey on our own. We cannot say "hey I am going to do away with all the ill behaviors that have kept me down for so long and never return to them again!" Let’s face it, we need help. We need each other in order to see things through.  
I refer to the sermon I watched today because my Pastor made an awesome and very true statement. He stated “we are sinless". Sinless? Wait ...I am the girl who wants to do good and yet chooses another way. No. I am sinful! 

Yet when one thinks long and hard about this statement one can realize that he or she can be sinless. We can be sinless. What I mean is that we can choose to see ourselves as everything but our failures or our shortcomings. We can choose better. For those who are not familiar with the word sin a sin simply means that you have done something that is contrary to what is good. A sin is something that separates you from what is truly good. So when we put things into our bodies that are not good for us we are doing just thatwe're going against what we know to be right and good for us. 

Yet as long as we believe, we can stand strong in the truth; we can assert that we are not our short comings we are just humans who struggle. 

With that said, girls don't allow yesterday's miss comings to dictate your future. If you want to loose that weight you can! If you want to start over you can! Just believe in your self.  

Some may say that believing is not enough. The truth is that having faith in ourselves can be tough especially if we have seen ourselves waiver time and time again. We just have a hard time thinking we can stick to what's right huh. Well that's what community is for people. Today lets make a pact you and I. Lets promise to encourage one another as we strive to be better versions of ourselves. I know we all have greatness in us and I know we all can achieve whatever we put our minds to.  

Lets just decide together right now that we will keep one another accountable what do you say? I hope that most of you decide to continue this journey we have started 

In response to continuing with the challenge and getting back up after we have fallen. I decided to start the next phase of the challenge. The thirty day meal plan. The thirty day meal plan is much like the four weeks challenge. Only, Anna goes into further detail about what foods we can eat. The thirty day meal plan is only an extension of what we have already been doing these past four weeks. So you will be ready my dear friend. No worries, it's nothing crazy or unfamiliar 

We will be starting this meal plan on the blog right after new years. This will give us enough time to wallow in our bad eating habits haha!  Eat all the goodies now girls because coming 2015 we will be back at it! Until then I will continue to write encouraging posts on health and fitness. The posts will only lead us up to the day where we say yes to freedom and to health and no to the habits that drag us down! Let's get to changing!