Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rambles of the Heart

Dreams. Each and every one of us have dreams.  We have ideas that naturally come from our hearts. We have ideas for the future. For some, I believe, the dreams are birthed from young. They drew their beliefs and values early on from experiences they encountered and they created a system in which their values can live freely in.

Nevertheless, most of us find what we are looking for later on in life. As we continue to walk through life and as we continue to encounter different experiences our hearts are forming and our desires are growing.  We are forever changing and forever finding what makes our heart sing.

However one’s ideas come to be, I dare to say that when it comes to executing a plan so that our dreams can become a reality most of us get scared. Maybe it is because with time we have become disappointed. We have made mistakes trying to pursue our dreams and therefore, we have become jaded. It is then that we begin to shut out the voice within that excites us. Because, we resolve to think that our hearts have mislead us. We begin to believe that the failures and the down times are a product of dreaming. So, we learn to chase after what is safer, what is acceptable, and what can produce tangent and quick results rather than results that grow slowly and stem from risk.

I want to consider children for just a moment. I believe we should be more like them. They are clean slates. They live in the present moment and their desires stem from a genuine place rather than a place of fear.  They dream and want things for themselves because it simply makes them happy. They are not jaded. I want to go back to having the attitude of a child.

Let’s ponder the things that we want for a moment. Let’s do this together. Pretend that we are conversing over a nice cup of hot mocha. Actually, that is what I am having at the moment. I am at the Cooked Door coffee shop in Marion, North Carolina. Let’s pretend that we are here at this coffee shop located on Main St. The coffee shop has a homey feel to it. Sofas, tables (the ones that look like they came straight of out the renaissance era) are strategically placed so that this place feels like home. It’s just you and me here. All other noise fades as our attention hones in to one another. We are here. We are sipping on our coffee mugs and we are at ease. What would I say to you right now?
I would tell you that I like the cold crisp air, that I love snow days and that all this talk about winter and snow storms are kind of getting me excited!  I would tell you that I am amazed at the artistic community in Asheville and that people in North Carolina have a southern hospitality that is oddly enjoyable. I would tell you that I long for a job that has meaning. A job that allows me to do good for others and yet allows for creativity and independence. I would tell you that I enjoy the company of others who are good to be around. I would also tell you that I am sick of hiding in the shadows due to fear. I would tell you that I realize that I am not living the life I have imagined for myself. I would tell you that being here in Marion has reminded me of what I truly want. Not Marion. Not North Carolina, but aspects of it. I would tell you that I imagined a town for myself to live in filled with artistic souls. I would tell you that I imagine a place for myself where there are seasonal changes. Where I could physically see when something begins and the other ends. I would tell you I imagine myself to be surrounded with people who are respectful, educated, and polite. I would tell you that my days would be filled with some sunshine and some snow. I would tell you that I imagine having a job where I made the rules. A job where in which I could affect others in a positive way. A job that aligns with social work values. I also would tell you that I imagine a way in which I can let my creative juices flow. I would tell you that I imagine myself to be a part of a vibrant growing community. Maybe a church. A community that values diversity. A community that is filled with positive people. A community that everyone respects one another. I would tell you that I imagine a nice cozy home for myself to live in. I would tell you I imagine myself to live near a place of nature a place where I could enjoy the outdoors. I would tell you that I imagine myself to be a part of a community that values truth over superficiality.  I would tell you that I am close enough to home so I can drive and see my family.

Oh friend I would tell you all this and more. How would I interact with you? I would laugh out loud with you. I would ask you about your dreams and I would encourage you to pursue them. I would tell you that fear is an enemy and that you already have what it takes to make your dreams a reality. And I hope that you would grab my hand and tell me the same.

 Let’s live friend, let’s stop hiding in the shadows and let’s decide that we had enough. Let’s decide that today is the day and that now is the time to live.

If this post touched your heart, reach out and share it with others. But, most importantly share it with me and tell me why it has touched your heart. I want to connect with you and encourage you. Thanks friend!