Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Salvation is Here

Hey lovely people!

I wanted to write today to share something with you all. This thing I want to share is so dear to me. In fact I am so excited about it that I am jumping up and down! Usually I do not put up post like these. However, I feel compelled to do so today.

If you have been following my blog for a while then you know that the topic of God and grace overwhelm me. You would know that I grew up in an abusive and oppressive church and that I have a hard time with accepting that I am loved by God. In fact I have a hard time with accepting that God is a good God and that He has good things for me. Well, recently I decided that I was going to put aside my beliefs that I have adopted through this past church of mine and that I would begin to seek God and believe that He is good after all. I decided that I would trust that in seeking Him I would find solace, grace, and the reassurance I seek. Today as I was reading the Bible I couldn't help but realize that His promises are true and that the reassurance I desired was right there for me!
Have you all ever heard of “doubting Thomas?”  I have. Thomas was one of the disciples who doubted Jesus’ resurrection. After Mary and a few had seen Jesus, resurrected they went to tell the others. Let’s just say Thomas replied with “unless I see it for myself I won’t believe it”. Oh man. I so relate to Thomas. I doubt and fear and wonder if all of God’s promises are true. I doubt and fear and wonder if He is good and I doubt and fear and wonder that I am His. But, today through reading the Bible I was reminded once again that HE IS SO GOOD!

See, salvation is in His word and according to His word it’s not something we have to earn. That’s good to know huh?

 Reading 1 Peter chapter 1 I noticed a few things about Peter’s letter. See Peter, a follower of Christ writes to some people who have been exiled to Asia. The purpose of his letter is to simply encourage these people. He writes to them and says that their exile happened so that their faith would be tested. I don’t know about you but, I would be like “seriously?” “My faith is being TESTED?” I would be probably be mixed with emotions. Angry, sad, frustrated, confused, and curious. Curious as to why I need to be tested. Nevertheless, God has a plan and Peter can tell them about this plan.

He goes on to say that their faith will not let them down. He continues to say that just as gold is proved to be pure through fire that their faith would prove to be genuine at the end because they will see that after all they have been through they still trust and believe God. Peter tells them that their faith will be like a trophy showing all that it was their faith that saved them and their faith that brings God victory.

This is jam packed with heart felt info. God himself is basically using Peter to tell them this great news! Their faith is being tried, yet because they will stick to believing no matter the circumstances, they will see that due to their genuine faith…it will get them through! This will be something to boast about. Something God himself will be so very proud. See faith is powerful. Believing can attract anything. Believing you are not enough will attract fear, shame, mistakes, and the like. Just as believing that you are everything will attract confidence, effectiveness, and favor.

We are able to choose. This “faith” that they possess will save them from eternal judgment and it will bring upon them life eternal. But, the eternal life starts now. And it’s a fresh start. Isn't that great?
I feel like most of us go through life waiting for the day that we will get what we've been hoping for. 
We see ourselves as victims of our circumstances and we wait in anticipation for the day we no longer have to suffer or work hard for what we desire. But, Peter challenges the exiles in this view of hopelessness as he tells them that they have freedom now! For the exiles, this must have sounded absurd. I mean they have been kicked out of their own country. Yet, Peter recognizes that they can CHOOSE to have a mindset of freedom. I once heard someone say “they can take away everything from you but, they can’t take away your mind” Your mindset is everything in life. We have been given the opportunity to live a life as if it was a brand new one. We have the opportunity to say "you know what I won’t be the victim anymore!" "I will start to think like the victor!" And guess what? In this life of sowing and reaping when you sow a thought of victory you will only reap as a victor! This totally excites me! This means I can be free of my insecurities and negative thoughts and so can you!
Still, Peter advises us to be careful and live with much thought and passion. He reminds us that our life is a journey and he adds that because we are free then we should live in such a way that honors God.  What news we have huh? Join me in this dance of victory!

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