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I am glad you came to my site.

Whether you accidentally came across this site or specifically clicked on my button so that you could read something inspiring, this site has something to offer you.

Healthy Living by Grace Olivieri is a site that I created to inspire people; people of all backgrounds and creeds. I want to touch every person's life that visits my blog.

This site is not a “how to” site. You will not learn the seven steps on how to be healthy, or how to be rich, or how to be a great mom, or how to be a great husband. You will not learn certain recipes to cook here or how to lose weight; although I sometimes include things like this in my writings, cause those things are good too!

 However, this blog is more about encouraging you! Here you will be encouraged to be your best self. Not the self who draws you to tears or the self that society is pressuring you to be. You will be encouraged to be the self that you are meant to be according to the standards you establish for yourself. 

Healthy is a term I use to describe wholeness. My writing is really about holistic living.

“I realize it is not about doing, it’s about being.” Many people follow rules and many people strive to be whole. They read books, they sign up for gym memberships and they do and do until they do no more. This style leaves people empty, bruised, and tired.

There is another way.

As a woman who has battled anxiety I know a little bit about pain and about struggle.

My objective is to encourage individuals going through the challenges of life. Individuals who desire to be proactive regarding their growth. My objective is to get them to enjoy the journey and to create an online space where they feel safe.

I write about anything that promotes healthy living. Sometimes that includes topics like food, spirituality, mental health, fashion and more.

In my 27 years of life (I know I’m young) I have realized that I can overcome anything life throws my way. How do I overcome and enjoy life? I focus on the creator of life; God the Father. I am a Christian woman and I find solace in reading God’s word (the Bible). I understand that some of my readers are not Christians. That's ok!  Everyone is welcomed! I want all people to be able to visit my site and receive something positive from it. You may see a lot of scripture at times, especially when the post is on spirituality.  Yet, my desire is not to convert any one or push my beliefs on anyone. My desire is simply to share what has allowed me to keep going  and inspire others.  


There is no one exact way to live your life. This blog will encourage you to seek truth, and seek what makes you happy so that you can be whole. It will empower you to question and challenge societal norms. This blog will give you the freedom to  modify plans that make you whole, to fit your lifestyle. The lifestyle you approve of.

I encourage you all to join this journey of self-discovery and of holistic living. 

I pray this blog will be an outlet; a place that you can come to after a hard and long day.